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SecureData adopts a multi-pronged business engagement and development model.

The first component drives customer pull through a hi-touch, end-user engagement component. In creating end-user demand value is added for both vendor and partner. Here SecureData creates not only the market for represented vendor technologies, but this end-user demand is passed forward into the channel partner franchise for fulfilment. All end-user product fulfilment opportunities take place via partners.

The second component is driven by marketing-led activities that also speak to end-user demand creation activities and partner buy-in. As with the one-to-one end-user-touch activities, these SecureData one-to-many activities create added value for vendors and partners alike.

Additional value is brought about through SecureData’s channel development initiatives. This covers the entire conversation from recruiting though to enablement of partners, thereby developing channel readiness and driving reseller push. This value also extends to the end-user through the provision of education, certification and training services. Another vital component of added value is through providing expansive services from pre-sales through to post-sales and a full representation of professional services.

With security solutions often having longer sales cycles than other more commoditised IT solutions, it is often not the core focus of the reseller channel. In order to ensure a constant pro-active sales drive for our business and our Vendors technologies, SecureData implemented a high-touch sales model.

This allows us to create demand and gives us more visibility in the market, allowing us to adapt strategies and approach in order to fit in line with market requirements.

This has proven to be an extremely effective lead generation mechanism, and has allowed us to constantly meet the growth expectations of our vendors. Approximately 65% of our business is currently initiated by our sales team and is passed on to our reseller channel as leads. We provide our reseller channel with constant assistance through to closure of the opportunity.