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The threat environment of 2017 is the most aggressive it’s ever been, and to keep your organisation protected from it requires a new kind of strategy that brings together all of the components of a complete information security programme. Micro Focus Security offers exactly that, with its risk-based approach to threat protection that strongly focuses on the adversaries facing organisations today.

The threat intelligence employed by Micro Focus takes a “know thy enemy” approach, by actively monitoring the cyber underground to gain valuable insights into who those enemies are, and what they are up to. This helps to determine what their attacks look like, which in turn helps to inform the Micro Focus security teams developing the technologies that defend against them.

The key Micro Focus products that we distribute are ArcSight Security, Fortify, and Data Security (which covers several sub-sections of Micro Focus products).

ArcSight offers next-gen cyber defense analytics that collects, stores, searches, reports on, and manages terabytes of data, offering valuable security intelligence across your organisation.

Fortify secures applications by providing security testing, software security management, and app self-protection for both static and dynamic code that can be delivered on-demand, or hosted on-premise. By offering self-protection for apps means that you’re secure, even if your app development is lightning-fast and code changes on a daily basis.

Data Security protects valuable data throughout its lifecycle, whether it’s at rest, in motion, or in use, meaning you can use your data no matter where it is, secure in the knowledge that it’s protected from compromise.

The following products are available under the Data Security umbrella:

  • Atalla HSM
  • Enterprise Secure Key Manager
  • SecureData Enterprise
  • SecureData Payments
  • SecureMail

Should your organisation require training, it is available on request, and will be done via Tarsus SecureData and carried out by Micro Focus.

These solutions can be sold across SADC, East and West African countries.

For more information, send an email to microfocus@securedata.co.za.