In a world where cyber threats exist on an unprecedented scale, it remains Trend Micro’s unwavering vision to make it safe to exchange digital information, even in the face of said threats. In fulfilling that vision, Trend Micro offers internationally-recognised threat defense that covers endpoints, networks, even the cloud, as acknowledged by analysts, customers, and industry pundits alike. As of 2017, Trend Micro covers 155 million endpoints and over half a million companies worldwide.

Trend Micro’s security offerings encompass user protection, network security, hybrid cloud security, and more, covering businesses of all sizes from small startups to large enterprises and everything in-between. So no matter where your users go, where they work from, what devices they use to access business resources, how business data travels within the organisation, or which cloud model you’re making use of, you’re protected.

Trend Micro offers small to medium businesses various “Worry-free” business services: endpoint security for Windows, Mac and mobile devices, protection that’s designed to be simple to implement for businesses with limited IT staff, and Security Advanced, which protects the users themselves. The point is to provide the kind of IT protection for these organisations that lets them focus on what’s important – doing business and making money – while security is handled seamlessly in the background.

And for bigger enterprises, Trend Micro offers Office Scan endpoint protection, automated and scalable cloud security via its Deep Security service; protection from targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats, and ransomware via Deep Discovery; end-user protection via Smart Protection services that aim to provide maximum protect with minimal disruption; and TippingPoint, a best-of-breed next-gen intrusion protection technology that’s easy to both deploy and manage.

Trend Micro’s solutions may be sold into SADC countries only, and training is available on request via Tarsus SecureData.

For more information, contact SecureData’s Trend Micro team on trend@securedata.co.za.